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Make Me A Blessing Reborn Babies

where memories and dreams come to life through lifelike reborn baby dolls

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My love for babies is what inspired me to get into the art of reborning. I can't hold, touch or even just look at them enough. They are a reminder of Gods greatness and beautiful creativeness.

So reborning is a way for me to have both worlds and share God's blessing with other.

I spend many days and hrs. creating each reborn blessing. From their coloring which is achieved with "Genesis Heat Paint"  which creates a lasting non-fading finish and applied in layers until the finished look is accomplished. To the placement of eyes, lashes and hair which also can take a day or two. I use a waterproof glue inside the head to fasten the hair and make it washable and comb able. I then do finishing touches such as nail tips, tears magnets if desired etc.

I hand write my own personal blessing and tuck into their sweet little head to give them thought, such as "Lord bless whoever I belong to and may you use me to bring joy and blessing into their lives." JudyMae.

"So when you hold or look into their eyes you may do so knowing there is a prayer and a thought in their tiny heads.

 I then stuff their bodies with soft baton and weight them according to desired weight with glass beads and fine baby fat beads. Then attach the limbs and we are finished.

Each of my babies have to pass the public test. This is where I take them out shopping and wait for reactions. If people did not think they were real and approach me I would feel that they needed something more. So far this has never happened.

 I have even taken my babies to a nursing home where the response was so wonderful and the effect they had on the patients was calming and relaxing. They would be awesome gifts for someone in a nursing home. They bring comfort and the nurses felt they were very calming for the patients.I'm thinking of starting this as a regular thing like they do with pets because of the response.



http://www.freewebs.com/glendareynolds/ This is my daughters site who also is getting into the art of reborning.