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Make Me A Blessing Reborn Babies

where memories and dreams come to life through lifelike reborn baby dolls

Lincoln was adopted before he was finished and is living with his forever Mommy in Maine


Anming now Johnnie is finished and going to his  be with his sister Camille.


Paige now named Chloe has been adopted and is going to Ohio. This is Baylee, Chloes new Mom who is giving her all kinds of love and enjoying shopping for

 Jarah has been adopted


Doug (Scarlet) has been adopted but as a little boy and is living in  Maine they wrote...

Thank you so much for what you do. We named him Doug, he is so precious and I am so happy with him. I have to share that I honestly didn't think my son would be overly interested in him, my son is Autistic and very particular in his interests. But tonight holding Doug seem to have a calming affect on my son and he really enjoyed him a lot. So he has fit well into our family :) I am including a picture for you. Thanks again




 Lavanda (Honey) is in New York to with her forever family.What a beautiful looking family too.

  Hello Judy,
 I would like to first say thank you for making me a beautiful baby!!!! I
 received my BEAUTIFUL baby today : ) Thank you for loving what you do, I can
 tell you take great pride in your work even down to the packaging.thank you
 for that! I really appreciate the hand written note with the tips. Ill
 attach some pics for you.

 This is now Sophia and she has a Forever Mom now Sweet Marissa and is very

 In Bidderford Maine


 Melody by Laura Tuzio Ross is going to her Mommy in Texas and is her second Reborn by me.



Camille has a forever Mommy and will be leaving to go be with her tomorrow .

Out of the mouths of Babes, she looked do real that...


Dear Judy,
My Family was so excited when our special package arrived. Camille looks so real that my 3 year old Granddaughter thought the baby died because she was in the box. She even told her
Pre-school Teacher that Grammy has a dead baby in a box. Lol
Camille has definitely brought excitement into our family! Lol

Maisie has a new forever Mom and is going to IL.

 Thank you so much for masise we truly love her very much!
Even our cats like her

Gracie is with her forever Mom in Standish, Maine

Laura who is now called Dolly Angel is with her adopted Mum in Texas and VERY happy with all the attention and love she is getting.



Tessa went home with her new Mommy today and on their way home I got this e-mail that touched me so...

 I wish I had a video of Shayla talking to her Grandmother letting her know that she was taking Tessa home. She told her it was the best day of her life:)

Victoria has been adopted by a lady in Georgia that has adopted another reborn done by me (Paisley)

 her new mommy wrote


  • I just got her I love her so much and I will give her a 1000 more kisses and hugs for her other mommy u . I have pictures and I'll be sending them to you soon

  • thank you so much for my baby




Jim( Arianna by Reva Schick) I with his Mom and reborn brother and sister Billy and Angel seen below.


Robin is with her new Mom and will be summering in Maine and living in Mass

 Eliza/Eli by Denise Pratt is going to Andover, Maine


Cloe (Billy) is going to his Mom in Limington, Maine he is a look a like baby of her son, he is the brother to Angel below

Angel (Lidy by Didy Jacobsen)

 Angel is with her Mommy in Limington, Maine

Also with Kelzie who was adopted in December


Soledad by Ping Lau

Soledad didn't make it to the web site she already has a Mommy in Lewiston, Maine.



Kyra now Joshua Luke has a new Mommy in Bridgton, Maine


 Hi Judy,

I'm glad you E-mailed.  I have been meaning to get a note off to you.  Emily, age 8,  was beyond thrilled with her new baby.  She named him Joshua Luke and she spent all of her Christmas money on baby clothes at Carters. 
We took him to Wal-Mart with us and he created quite a sensation.  People were either grabbing him out of Emily's arms to admire him or quietly saddling up to us to see if he was real ... I know they thought it was dangerous to have a small child carrying a "baby" all around Wal-Mart.
Emily adores her new baby and we can't thank you enough for making it a Christmas she'll always remember.
Also, thanks for being so helpful and going out of your way to keep in contact as we made arrangements to order and receive Josh.
Hope you have a great year,

Maddie Rae has a new home in Brunswick

Sabastiano has a new home and Mommy


Hi Judy

Tony just talked with our niece today and she was SO excited about new clothes that she had gotten for her baby.  I can’t remember what she named her but she was ecstatic when she opened the box and saw her new “real” baby girl. She couldn’t have been happier, I think she jumped and literally was shaking with excitement.  It made me feel SO good inside and so happy that we took the time to find her such a special girl, God is good and He knew where we needed to go.


Kaitlin loves Christian Connor to pieces. He is being well-cared for and wrapped up and dressed frequently in his many new outfits. He has a lot of blue and he looks very cute in his new clothes. He looks especially cute in the outfit that you gave to her when we bought Hailee’s doll.


Thanks so much!


I will be in touch.

God bless

Nikki J

Baby Chloe is with her new Mommy in Australia

Judy, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Chloe arrived before I went to work yesterday and she is absolutely beautiful.  I didn't think she would get here in time for Christmas, BUT SHE DID!
And all the extras that arrived with her ! ! ! You are wonderful and I sincerely thank you very, very much. Pam

Shyann Ha a new mommy and Home


Kelzie has been adopted

I just love the premee I bought from you, everyone thinks she is real.
I love holding her and trying new outfits on her. She is really something special. Thank You so much for making her available to me.

Mae-Lee is on her way to her new Mommy in Australia

Cloe is on her way to her new Mommy in Australia

Esta adopted both Chloe and Mae-Lee and wrote...


Hi Judymae,  I picked them up from the post office this morning. They arrived safe and sound. And they are lovely. I can't tell you how overjoyed I was with your work.  I have taken a picture of them with their new family and I will send it tomorrow.


Beautiful little Morgan has been adopted in Florida

Is being used as a fund raiser raffle and we are hoping she sells lots of tickets

Blonde Trey  has gone to be with his new  Mommy in MA. US

Ellenie  has gone to her new Mommy in Portland, Maine US

Kaya has gone to her new home in Sebago, Maine

Thank you for this amazing blessing we are all excited to share with the world.

Ava Raine is going to her new home in Oxford, PA

Abby Grace is from the Eden sculpt by Marissa Mae. She is going to her new home in Alabama

 I am shaking-pinch me is it Christmas? What in the world did I do to deserve this? I am holding her in my arms, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is almost scary how real she is. You have out done your self. I LOVE HER!!! Oh, my gosh the outfits!!! Too too precious. Miss Judy you have great taste. You are wonderful and thank you for being so kind and generous to me. Oh, how I wish you could be here. I tried to open her in the car but couldn't. I am glad I could not because I would not have enjoyed looking at everything. I just do not know how you do it. This is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. It is your best.



Aurora has been adopted and living with her new family in Standish, Maine

Riley has been adopted and heading for PA

Thank you oh so much for all the beautiful gifts!!! And Riley is absolutely beautiful!!! I can't express how much joy she has already brought to people!!! This morning I went to my mailbox and found a note from the parcel service that there  was a package for me at the post office. Guess I missed them when they were here. Went straight up and picked her up,and when I opened her I was so surprise at how beautiful she was in person!! She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Must show you a picture of my daughter Katie when she was born, because Riley looks so much like her!! I am a care giver, so I took her to work with me. I wish I had took my camera! Miss Betty is 88 years old,and she just sat an cuddled Riley. She loved her!! I felt a little bad when i brought her home! Her two daughters love her too! She is going to bible study thursday, and to church Sunday!!  We are looking at your Ava, I think that is what her name is. Since the sale is over, could you tell me how much she will be? Thank you again, I am overwhelmed at Riley's beauty, God has gifted you in an awesome way!! God Bless, Marion

Bree Elizabeth from the Nala sculpt by Sandy Faber. She is going to Minnesota

Hi Judy, Bree Elizabeth(the doll) arrived yesterday. She is beautiful and I just LOVE her.
I have her sitting in a chair and I can't believe how real she looks.
Now I want to keep her for myself,

Dear Judy, I took Bree Elizabeth, the doll, to the beauty Shop when I got my hair done this afternoon. Everyone in the shop just raved about her. In fact my hair-dresser, who owns the shop called her friend to come to the shop to see the doll. There were about 6 people in the shop and couldn't believe how real the doll looked. I took the doll to my neighbor and she just held her and talked to her like she was real. So she is a hit with everyone so far. I'll let you know what my family says this week-end.
Love,  Betty

Matthew , of  sculpt Nele by Gudrun Ledgler



Joseph is sculpted by Corrine Kaufler. He weighs 6 lbs.3 ozs. and 23"

Merry Christmas Eve, Judymae!
We received our little Joe Joe doll yesterday!!!  He looks FANTASTIC!  The real Joseph just can't enough of him!  When I put him up so he couldn't see him anymore he cried!!!  I'll send you pics after the holiday!
Thanks so much!  Merry Christmas to you and yours!



Tessa is sculpted by Regina Swialkowski she weighs 5lbs. and is about 20" long with true blue eyes and baby blonde hair

We got her today and we love her!!!  Here she is w/ her daddy and "twin sister"!
Thanks so much!!!

Custom Zoey

Well little Zoey is home with her new family.  When my Daughter-In-Law looked in the box she was astounded and thought that she was looking at the real Zoey and even took a few steps back to gather her thoughts.  One of her girlfriends was also over and she was amazed at the resemblance.
When Logan, Zoeys brother age 2 3/4, looked at the little Zoey sitting on my knee he did a double take and looked at his sister to see just where she was.  Then our Zoey noticed the new little Zoey and she immediately took it in her hands and just stared into the face just as though she was looking into a mirror.  Some testament I would say.
My Son made sure that she was put back so that she will be safe until they figure out just what will be the best place for her in their home.  I've asked him to send you a photo of both of them on his knee.
Thanks seems to little for so much.
Take care.

Baby's that have found loving homes

These are baby's that have been adopted already so that you may see more of my work. also most baby's here can be created again but of course will be unique as no two baby's are ever just alike.


Paige has been Adopted and lives in New Hampshire, ME.


customer who adopted Tavian in Italy wrote...good morning form Italy!! the sun shining and Tavian finally is home... im so happy Judy he is so wonderful creation this baby is a gift from Sky....his eyes are deeply and shining...oh i love him...and i thank u cuz is an honor to have know u...my sister in God...God gave u in your hands a big gift...and is good to see how sisters do saomething for God....God bless always your hands.

Aubrey is living in Windham, Maine


I was fortunate enough to adopt Kaleb. He is just amazing! Judymae really brought him to life! He came with a huge layette and lots of extras. I highly recommend Judymae as a reborn artist.. You won't be disappointed! Thank you very much!


Kyra is living in Naples, ME. US

Maddie and Rae

Maddie and Rae are now nice and warm living in SC, US

 Eden/Mary is now living in Raymond, Maine

Paisley is now living in Naples, Maine


Emily Rose has a new Mommy


Zachary has been adopted but I'm hoping to do this sculpt again real soon.

Paisley 2

How can I possibly express to you the BLESSING she already is in our home as Kayleigh loves her so much!!! She has changed her clothes several times already as well as introduced her to her extended family of reborn siblings---- Ty & Carmen.


Celine has been adopted and has a home in Maine

Jayden is now living in Florida with her family