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Make Me A Blessing Reborn Babies

where memories and dreams come to life through lifelike reborn baby dolls


I have 2 sets of twins to do if anyone is interested


 Picture is a sample of what the kit can look like and not done by me. 

 Dani and Jo by Linda Murray Twins have cloth body with vinyl Torso, They have full legs and 3/4 arms. I have 2 sets of these so can be g/b twins or b/b or g/g






Brea by Lorna Miller Sands 21-21"

Lincoln by Laura Lee Eagles  LE 750 COMING IN FEBRUARY

 If there is a baby you would like me to do next, e-mail me at npapa@fairpoint.net and I will try to do that one next so you can see it.

Esmee 20"


 Brandon with limbs from another kit 21"





Kaycee LE


I have another Eliza kit I can do

Eli (Eliza) by Denise Pratt

is a newborn size

Nala by Sandy Faber




Ariella by Reva Schick

Jarah by Janne Delange



Limited Edition Noah by Jessica Schenk

 Preemie or small newborn.










The babies on this page are kits I am or will be working on.                                                                                               These photo's are  by other artist and are just for examples of how the kits could look used by the suppliers.